Proven Strategic Plan Templates

Developing a strategic plan is important, but to be successful, it’s crucial to have a sound process in place. The reason most strategic plans don’t get successfully implemented is because organizations cherry pick the parts they want to do, without a clear end-to-end process. The process doesn’t need to be cumbersome. Strategic plan templates will simplify the exercise.

Where do I Start?
If you have accountability for strategic planning in your company, and you would like to improve your existing strategic planning process, or implement a new process, you have two primary options:

Go it Alone
Even for billion dollar companies, this is a viable option. If you have the right skills and resources; all of the facilitation, analysis and writing can easily be performed in-house. However, don’t try to create a strategic planning process from scratch! You’ll spend too much time re-inventing a wheel that already exists, and not enough time developing good, creative, and executable strategic plans.

Start with strategic plan templates. They will provide you with a proven strategic planning process, enough know how to get started, and all the tips and tricks you’ll need to be successful.

Get a Facilitator
If you have an environment of disagreement between key managers, and you want to give your process a kick start, with minimal internal resources, a facilitator is often the most appropriate option. There are many great consultants that offer strategic planning advice and facilitation. Almost any good facilitator will be helpful. But…if you need help actually creating or improving your strategic planning process, get a consultant that specializes in strategic planning process facilitation and execution.

Either way, don’t undertake any serious strategic planning, until you have a sound process in place.


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