Can you give me some startup ideas with low investment?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Business PlanCan you give me some startup ideas with low investment?
mmKathy Green asked 2 years ago

I want to do a simple startup where I can make some extra money while having fun. I don’t have much money to invest. Any ideas?

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mmadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Here are 21:
1. Make rosettes. Add to each rosette either a calligraphed or printed label which reads ‘Cook of the Year’, ‘Prize Winning Mother’, or ‘Dad of the Year’. Have them displayed in local shops.
2. Make soft toy lucky charms. One idea is a giant number seven. Other ideas include: four leaf clovers, horseshoes, rabbits feet and destiny dice.
3. Start a mobile installation and repair service for all kinds of car lights. Produce a leaflet which lists prices for different jobs. Deliver the leaflets to houses or stick behind windscreen wipers of cars in your area.
4. Make a selection of soft toy insects. For example: caterpillars, ladybirds, bumblebees and wasps. Package the soft toys and claim that everyone should have a pet insect.
5. Use clothes pegs to make souvenir ornaments. These might take the form of animals, castles or boats, windmills and many others. Also design and produce kits so that craftworkers can make their own ornaments from clothes pegs. Sell by mail order.
6. Arrange holiday exchanges between various English speaking nationalities such as English, Scottish, Americans, Australians and Canadians. You might either provide a personal service which matches people or publish a newsletter listing people seeking exchanges.
7. Set up a service which gives independent valuations and assessments for those considering the purchase of a particular expensive antique.
8. Bring out an information package about ‘How to Start Your Own Carded Products Business’ (ordinary products are mounted on card for displaying on racks or walls in shops). An information package might consist of cassettes on sales dialogue, booklets and diagrams about ideas and methods.
9. Design and produce your own badges. These might have designs which feature sports, witty statements, pop stars or flowers, etc. Mount on specially printed display cards and sell cards to shops.
10. Start a market stall which sells low valued antiques. Obtain stock from either trade sources or buy saleable goods from the public.
11. Earn money from selling badges at pop concerts, festivals, tourist sites and other places where there are crowds.
12. Put together a mail order service which sells rocks and mineral specimens to collectors. Produce a catalogue which lists a wide range of minerals and rock specimens. Also include in the catalogue collectors supplies and accessories.
13. Collect a wide range of aerial photographs. These might be high altitude shots of villages, towns or cities. Start a mail order business which frames and sells these photographs.
14. Slice timber logs and burn letters into the wood to make house name signs. Also varnish them and sell from a stall at special markets or get examples stocked at retailers who would take orders for you.
15. Produce writing paper which has borders printed with pretty rural scenery or flowers. Get this stocked at stationers and tourist shops.
16. Bring out a booklet which has a title like “1001 Unusual Facts About Your Town”. Discover these facts by reading local history books and visiting the archives of local newspapers. You could do similar booklets about a variety of towns and specialise in those which are popular with tourists.
17. Organise the production of concrete or plastic garden gnomes and statues. Have them stocked at garden centres and retailers who sell garden products.
18. Prepare a correspondence course about how to increase chances at winning at poker, the pools or horse-racing. The course allows people to develop their skills over a period of time and allows you to charge a reasonable amount of money. Use press advertising to sell.
19. Add a stand to small cubes of marble and sell as ornaments.
20. Design, produce and distribute T-shirts and sweatshirts which have an astronomical theme. The idea is that people will buy a T-shirt or sweat shirt that celebrates their star sign. Package them and have them displayed at a wide range of retailers.
21. Prepare astrological readings and charts about family ancestors. Use astrology readings and charts to shed light on personal characteristics of ancestors. Advertise in genealogy publications.