Whole Child Parenting: Birth to Age Five – PARENTS, TEACHERS and BABYSITTERS will Learn how Best to Encourage Growth and Skill-Building in all Six Developmental Areas

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The Best Revolutionary Approach – Understand Each Age in 2 Hours – by using real life examples, color coding, visual graphics, simple and logical steps.


Whole Child: Birth to Age Five book series is a step by step guide that helps you raise smart, creative, happy and healthy children by providing the tools needed to understand each age and development stage.

Addressing the whole child means knowing about the general developmental milestones your child will experience at each age.

Milestones define peak stages of accomplishment when your child achieves the end of one stage before moving on to the next.

In order to have realistic expectations, you should know what is age appropriate and what your child should be doing.

With Whole Child Birth to Age Five book you’ll learn everything about the six major developmental areas of your child:

  • Cognitive: how to help the child develop problem solving skills, attention span, reading and numbers
  • Social-emotional: the process of learning self control, discovery of feelings and emotions and friendships
  • Language: building communication skills, speaking and early literacy
  • Creative: all about dramatic play, dance, music and arts for early age children
  • Physical: how to help the child develop gross and fine motor and sensory skills
  • Health and care: the essentials for hygiene, diet, daily routine and yoga

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