Plan A Space WS1 Wall Spaces – (18) Life Size Frame and Photograph Templates, Complete Art or Picture Frame Planning Kit

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Never make the mistake of buying the wrong size accessories again. Put down the 1/4 inch scale drawings and try our LIFE SIZE furniture templates. Plan A Space has created life-size, reusable “footprints” that will replicate the actual size of your sofa, love seat, chair, table, etc. before you purchase it. They’re great for any house, condo, Apartment or office. Take our user-friendly templates, pre-printed to standard dimensions of furniture, cut or fold to size, and then place them on the floors of your different rooms. Move the templates around to determine the best arrangement and size for furniture before you purchase it.BUT WHAT ABOUT WALLS? Once you’ve used the other Plan A Space kits to design the layout of your perfect space, look up at the wall. What you should see is a perfectly pleasing arrangement of art and photographs. Unfortunately, what many see are blank walls because the idea of arranging frames and damaging walls is too daunting a task to even consider. This is where our sanity saving Wall Spaces Kit comes in. Wall Spaces empowers anyone who uses the adhesive templates. No damage to walls. Arrange and rearrange until you get it right and then hang what works.1 TUBE INCLUDES 18 ADHESIVE FRAME TEMPLATES IN SEVERAL COMBINATION ARRANGEMENTS: 14.5″x17.5″ (3) 11.5″x13.5″ (2) 10.5″x10.5″ (2) 8.5″x10.5″ (2) 9.25″x18.25″ (2) Vertical 9.25″x18.25″ (1) Horizontal 9.5″x15.5″ (1) 10.75″x14″ (2) 14″x14″ (1) 24″x36″ (2).The Picture Perfect Planning System
Design Like A Pro
Plan The Perfect Family Photo Wall
18 Life Size Repositionable Adhesive Frame Templates