Peoples Temple

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Musician, supermodel, DJ, actress, venerated muse there is practically no end
to characterizing Italian icon Tying Tiffany. Between her provocative catwalk
appearances for Diesel and her riotous live performances, the posh artist has
created a unique universe that is about to expand broadly with her new album,
Peoples Temple. When one hears Tying Tiffany, British goth godmother Siouxsie
Sioux comes to mind as inevitably as Velvet Underground femme fatale Nico.
Beware, though there is a monstrously creative beast hiding behind those endless
legs and twinkling eyes, a snarling fury who really has something to say. Tracks like
the erupting One Breath or biting opener 3 Circle deliver a vocal tour de force
that effortlessly competes with Emilie Autumn in terms of intensity and charisma.
True to the roots of the genre, the irresistible goth vamp delivers a lesson in punkish
attitude, revolutionary gusto, and a lot of electronic reinforcement, strengthening her
reputation as a truly exceptional artist of our time.