INDIGOS UG – Sticker – Safety – Warning – 5-Set – Drums Must Be Kept Tightly Closed Sign 355mmx254mm – Decal for Office – Company – School – Hotel

Price: $47.96
(as of Dec 07,2018 14:58:46 UTC – Details)

INDIGOS UG – Sticker for your safety

Sticker for your car or any other smooth surfaces
The sticker is cut to size and comes with a transfer foil.
Just lie down the wrong way and pull off the back paper. Then stick on and rub it on.
Then remove the transfer film and press the sticker again.
German quality brand foil 3-5 years. No import of China.
Sticker freestanding without disturbing background.With our stickers you ensure safety in your company. The stickers can be stuck everywhere. At the car, the door, at the window, on machines, on cupboards, bags, suitcases, on safety devices, construction machines are necessary for the safety of you or your coworker. Care for alerts in the hotel, restaurant, school, office, hospital, workshop, home or garden. Very good to connect with an alarm system.
Our signs or stickers (according to article title) are made for your safety. They can be attached anywhere. The signs are not pre-drilled.
Hanging sign or sticker from INDIGOS. Our stickers stick on all smooth surfaces such as doors, cars, windows, cupboards or even on the wall.
Meet the legal requirements with our products. We produce with German high-performance film or PVC material. Protect yourself, your employees & employees or children in the office, at home or at work, at Farbrik,