Handheld Magnifiers Mini Portable 10x 15x 20x Hd Optical Lens Reading Hobbies Jewelry Maps Crafts Mobile Phone Lens Magnifying Glass

Price: $47.21
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These Eye Loupes Are Great For Different Applications And Fields Such As, Industrial Purposes (Watch Making, Jewelers), Medical Science, Coins and Stamp Collectors, Geography, Circuit Board And Printing Industry, Gardening, Education, Home And Offices.


Material: Optical K9 Glass Lens

Magnification: 10x, 15x, 20x

Side Length: 5 cm

Weight: 94g


Industrial Purpose (Watch Making, Jewelers)

Medical Science

Coins And Stamp Collectors


Circuit Board And Printing Industry



House Living And Offices


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★Novel triangle design: ergonomic construction gives it a good balance and a comfortable grip, make you feel not too heavy or too light when you use it, 10x, 15x, 20x three magnifications.
★Optical grade lens: clear distortion free magnifying lens with comfortable ergonomic handle suitable for kids, adults, seniors, hobbyists and professionals
★High clarity: ideal for viewing fine details in books, newspapers, magazines, maps, electronics, miniatures, jewellery, pill bottles, hobby and crafts,lightweight
★Compact, portable, lightweight and stylish design, easy to carry,two sizes to choose from.
★Stylish, luxury: each gleaming gold, full metal magnifier is a beautiful piece of artistry,explicit crafted with delicate designs and drop proof frame slots,we made every detail with hearts!