Golf Ball Shaped Table Number Holder Name Place Card Holder Memo Clip Holder Stand Note Holder Pictures Card Paper Menu Clip

Price: $12.59
(as of Nov 14,2018 14:27:44 UTC – Details)


This Senove’s memo clip holder with stand is a set of 5pcs note paper holder clips, which are made of resin and stainless steel,wonderful desktop document holder
with Golf Ball and crocodile clip.
If you are going for a simple paper such as a business cards or table place holders,or wallet sized photos,this product is great!It would actually be really cute to
decorate the cubicle or an office.Besides,this item is a great production and necessity for wedding,patry,potluch,home decoration.
5 of these in each order,so if you have larger cards or pictures that are too big for one to hold up,you can use multiple clip stands on one card.

Why memo photo picture clip holder from Senover are essential for our daily life?

– Preat for notes,to-do lists,and hanging up photos of your loved ones.
– Perfect for wedding, you can use these to either hold the invitations or to decorate the wedding shower party tables.
– Perfect for not just holding pictures, but business cards, table numbers, seat numbers, inspirational quotes, receipts…anything!
– Perfect for many themed parties,useful to know where to sit for a party. you can put these on the tables with hand made is nice to use theme tags to mark the tables.
– Many customers said that they used these clips for the buffet table to display what the items were that they were serving and they worked wonderfully plus they look great.
So you can throw a lot of themed parties and to label the food, drinks, dishes. These are perfect to stand in front of each dish and hold the name tags.
Fun desktop document holder with Golf Ball and crocodile clip.Great for writing down unexpected office tasks.
Strong alligator clasp keeps card and photo upright at all times;crocodile clip is attached to a flexible rope wire cable.
Well made with strong wires and the clips function the way they should.Perfect for home or office with limited space.
Can hold memo,photo,note,paper,name card, etc.Suitable for wedding favors,offices,anniversaries party,potluck,home decorations etc.
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