Artix Solar Powered Charger Backpack | Commuter Charging Laptop Bag | Perfect for Work, School, Travel, Hiking, & Biking

Price: $79.99 - $49.99
(as of Nov 17,2018 04:36:31 UTC – Details)

Artix understands your smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are a part of you. We know you need to stay plugged in at all times to avoid missing out. We know you are always scared of running out of power and that you secretly carry around a charger everywhere you go. Let go. We have you covered. Built to keep you on the go, to make sure you never miss another opportunity for a Facebook check in or Instagram post, the Artix Solar Power Backpack ensures that you stay on the grid, wherever you go. With the Artix Solar Panel Eco-Friendly Backpack, you will never have to be left without power again! This convenient, comfortable, and energy efficient pack allows for you to have a constant power supply anywhere daylight is available. We love our environment and what better way to show that than offer natural energy to help keep all your favorite devices fully charged and ready for use? Perfect for all your outdoor activities from hiking and biking to overnight camping in the woods, this water-resistant durable bag ensures the safety of all your supplies and smart devices. Simply unfold the attached solar panel and face it towards natural sunlight. Use the built in USB port to plug your device in and your device will begin to charge. Don’t worry about getting lost in the woods once your GPS dies. Just plug your headphones in and you will always have the peace of mind of being able to charge up on the go.Solar Panel Flap for Charging on the Go: Never let your devices run out of juice while you’re on the go with this convenient travelling backpack with built in solar panel. The backpack comes equipped with a USB 2.0 charging port. No need to hug the wall charger or fumble around inside your bag to find your power pack. Simply unzip the solar panel so it is exposed to daylight, plug in your Smartphone, tablet, eReaders, etc. right from the outside and keep moving.
Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly: No electricity necessary! Simply utilize the natural power of the sun, absorbed through the backpack’s outside solar panel to charge all your small devices! Ideal for holding your supplies supplies, as well as hiking, biking, or camping, this light and portable solar pack brings along an endless power supply. No more relying on charging a power bank to carry with you!
Water Resistant Durable Design: With its premium water resistant design, the Artix Solar Power backpack ensures your devices’ safety. Material wicks away water, so do not fret if you happen to get caught in a light rain shower. Your electronics are all safely housed.
Stay Organized: Designed with efficiency in mind, the Artix Solar Bag comes with multiple compartments for all your supplies. Keep your pens, laptop, eReader, cables, water bottles, and whatever else you usually carry with you organized for easy accessibility. Separate pockets also help ensure all items stay secure during transport. No need to worry about everything getting tossed around haphazardly
Stay Connected, Even off The Grid: No need to worry about your devices running out of juice. No need to worry about wasting all the charge left in the power bank you carry. The solar panel allows for a continuous supply of power anywhere sunlight is available. 1 Year Limited Warranty: Enjoy USA Based Customer Service and a One-Year Limited Hassle Free Warranty