3Pcs Secret Stash Box Hidden Compartment Diversion Safe Storage Case Money Handling

Price: $12.99
(as of Dec 19,2018 20:15:34 UTC – Details)

The is a regular size lighter stash. When you flick your lighter it doesn’t sparks and doesn’t light, you then operate the secret bottom off revealing a space inside the lighter to stash your valuables.Your ultimate Secret Stash Spot. No sparks when you flick it. But you will be able to fit your pills and supplements into this secret stash pill box
The bottom pops off to reveal a secret compartment to stash your valuables
Easy to open and close.The bottom of the lighter can be easily removes to reveal a hidden stash compartment
Classic disposable lighter shape with no attention that have been hollowed out so you can hide and protect your valuables inside
ATTENTION: The color shipped will vary, unless noted by the buyer in a form of a message