10pk IPG FineLine 2″ x 60yd Precision Mask Yellow Painters Masking Tape Razor Edge Pro Grade Cabinet Automotive Fine Edge Trim Tape

Price: $47.95
(as of Nov 17,2018 08:31:44 UTC – Details)

FINELINE yellow ultra thin painters tape comes with these Specs: 3.3 mil Low Profile Paper, 38oz/in Adhesion, 22 lbs/in Tensile strength. There is no exact equivalent to this Precision Mask product in the USA except from IPG. Compatible with all types of paints and has a removal window of up to 1 Month residue free under certain conditions (7 days outdoors). The paper is ultra thin (opaque, translucent) with a high precision edge, allowing you to mask perfectly. Works amazing in Cabinetry, Striping, Automotive applications. If you need the sharpest, cleanest lines with no bleed through or bleed under, this is the tape you want!

Good balance of strength, flexibility, durability, and removability. Sticks to rough or smooth surfaces as long as they are clean & dry. Pressure and heat sensitive adhesive, will perform well under a wide temperature range, 40 – 130 degrees!

Please NOTE: Surfaces must be clean, dust free, and dry before application. While the surface of the tape is moisture resistant the adhesive is definitely not. Make sure you really press it firmly into place when applying and get it as warm as possible in the room to secure the adhesive. The dryer and warmer the installations are, the better the adhesive will attach. REMOVE ASAP! The adhesive in painters tape is known as semi-permanent removable, and Paint cures, it does not dry. If you leave tape on for days after painting then the tape will become part of the paint itself. After 12 hours you will find greater difficulty removing it, may tear and leave edge pieces behind! You should always de-mask your projects within hours after the final application for best results.

Other uses: Art, Crafts & Hobbies, Toy making, Scrapbooking, Home Inspections, Bundling, labeling lightweight items, Yard Sale pricing, Marking stains on clothing. Possibilities are endless to mask or write something on any object for easy removal later!

Extreme Performance Razor Edge Yellow Masking Tape, Highly conformable to many surfaces
Flexible, high removability, no adhesive residue 7 Days Outdoors, 1 MONTH Indoors
3.3 Mil Yellow see through backing improves visibility and accuracy during paint masking
Creates sharpest paint lines, Resists paint bleed-through “all paint compatible”
May be used for every kind of painting, trimming, edging, masking, protective applications