【Early Black Friday】Mini Rubber Air Dust Blower Cleaning Tool, Ball Pump Hand Pump Dust Cleaner for Camera Lens, Keyboard, Computer Laptop Lens, Cell Phone

Price: $6.38
(as of Nov 17,2018 09:32:34 UTC – Details)


Metal nozzle with pin-valve.
Natural and environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
Perfect for cleaning camera lens, computers, keyboards, circuits,etc.
Gently remove dust & erase smudges from delicate equipment without leaving residue.
Great to remove dust off sensitive camera parts.
Material: Rubber, Nozzle

Package Weight : 26.0 G / 0.92 Ounces
Package Dimensions (L*W*H) : 95*40*40 MM / 3.74*1.57*1.57 Inches

Package Include:

1 x Dust Blower Cleaner√ Metal nozzle and highly elastic rubber, offers strong blast of air for cleaning.
√ One-way air valve, quick inflation after every squeeze. Great to remove dust off sensitive camera parts.
√ Portable and lightweight for user to carry in pocket or purse while home or traveling.
√ They can always be used, as opposed to compressed gas containers or electric air compressors.
√ Suitable for cleaning camera lens, keyboard, computer laptop lens, cell phone etc.