SWOT for Strategic Planning Templates

As part of the development of strategies and plans to enable the organization to achieve its objectives, that organization will use a systematic/rigorous process known as strategic planning. A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis (SWOT analysis) is a critical part of the strategic planning process. SWOT can be used as a basis for the analysis of business and environmental factors. A SWOT template along with the strategic plan template are the two most formidable weapons you can use to surmount the major challenges of developing a high performance strategic plan.

Strengths and Weaknesses: These are the internal factors within an organization.

  • Human resources – staff, volunteers, board members, target population
  • Physical resources – your location, building, equipment
  • Financial – grants, funding agencies, other sources of income
  • Activities and processes – programs you run, systems you employ
  • Past experiences – building blocks for learning and success, your reputation in the community

Opportunities and Threats: These are external factors stemming from community or societal forces.

  • Future trends in your field or the culture
  • The economy – local, national, or international
  • Funding sources – foundations, donors, legislatures
  • Demographics – changes in the age, race, gender, culture of those you serve or in your area
  • The physical environment (Is your building in a growing part of town? Is the bus company cutting routes?)
  • Legislation (Do new federal requirements make your job harder…or easier?)
  • Local, national, or international events

The SWOT analysis is necessary to provide direction to the next stages of growth and using a swot analysis template is a must do.

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