Detailed Work Plan Templates

The objective of a detailed work plan is to define the approach to be used by the project team to deliver the intended results for work scope of the project.

At a minimum, a detailed work plan answers basic questions about the project:

  • Why? – What is the problem or value proposition addressed? Why is it being sponsored?
  • What? – What is the work that will be performed? What are the major products/deliverables?
  • Who? – Who will be involved and what will be their responsibilities? How will they be organized?
  • When? – What is the timeline and when will particularly meaningful points, referred to as milestones, be complete?

A proven detailed work plan template can make the difference between success and failure. Using a proven template is a wise decision.

Detailed Work Plan contents:
To be a complete work plan, it must also describe the execution, management and control of the project. This information can be provided by referencing other documents that will be produced, such as a procurement plan or construction plan, or it may be detailed in the project plan itself.

The work plan typically covers topics used in the project execution system and includes the following main aspects:

  • Scope management
  • Requirements management
  • Schedule management
  • Financial management
  • Quality management
  • Resource management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communications management
  • Project change management
  • Risk management


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