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The first visual and audible impression upon a market or client can appeal to any of the five senses in order to initiate excellent chemistry between the buyer and seller. It doesn’t alwasy have to be between a buyer and a seller in a traditional sense, but also between the sales manager and the sales team at a sales meeting. In this case, the sales manager is presenting as the seller to the sales team who will be the buyer of his or her requests. Without great sales presentation templates, one cannot achieve the results expected.

Sales presentation templates present a way of luring in the potential candidate to ensure the overall advertisement is understood and internalized. With a wide variety of selling techniques used to “pitch”, it is possible to apply one or a combination in a single attempt. Therefore, using the proper sales presentation template reuires careful consideration.

Inspired by what has worked in the past from successful contributors to the art of the pitch, when using them, at least a slight modification is always required in order for it to be an authentic and most of all an effective pitch, otherwise the tone would not fit the sellers outfit and in critical situations be spotted as a fake by the candidate and in such a case defying the purpose.

For a strikingly good pitch, one must know exactly what the other party wants and doesn’t want. Be informed of as much information as possible about the candidate being pitched to. Focus on a virtual balance of the candidate’s needs and wants to maximize one’s leverage when in the process of a pitch. Overall meaning: one gets only one chance to make a good first impression. At least two senses must connect: vision, and hearing.


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