Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Free vs. Paid

Free registrants: 1. Cannot access full unrestricted templates. Can only access template preview versions. 2. Cannot request help and coaching from our experts.
Yes, simply come back and pay for the subscription of your choice. You can use the same user ID and password that you initially set up with the free registration.



Immediately after payment, you can login with your self determined user ID and password and use the system.
Contact us either by email, online chat, or phone and we will quickly get you up and running.
The memberships are quarterly subscription based. You must renew at the end of each quarterly period for your subscription and access to remain active.
Subscription membership is individual, so your membership follows you. Please make sure to keep your contact information current.



During your active subscription period you can:

For Templates:
Unrestricted full download to all template files for your subscription choice (e.g., strategic planning or sales & marketing, or all). As new templates are added, you will also be able to download them. Templates can be used or modified as your own.

For Help:
If you need help and coaching, our world class experts are available to answer questions and provide guidance.
You can choose from two (2) secure payment gateways to pay for your quarterly subscription.

Both are 100% secure, accept credit cards, and are already being used by millions on the Internet.
It depend on what type of subsciption meets your needs. Details on the full suite availabe can be found by clicking the link here:

Subscription Options
Your individual membership is for your personal use only. Therefore, Sharing your user ID and password for others to use our products and services is strictly prohibited.
Once subscribed, you have the service for a minimum of 3 months. Not renewing at the end of your quarterly subscription period automatically unsubscribes you from the service.