Proven Business Development Templates

Have too much stress in your life? More projects, more demands, but less time. Often find yourself late or can’t start while a project deadline is looming? Why not download proven business development templates.  Your career, life, and health will thank you for this. What you are trying to do have already been done by someone else. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Besides, wheel re-inventors often do a terrible job. They end up doing last minute non-creative work that hammers their reputation and value.

The business development templates cover functional areas such as:

  • Business Planning – Business plan templates, financial statement projections, and investor presentations.
  • Change Management – Change management templates, culture change plan, IT change management.
  • Financial Models – Excel financial projections model, financial ratio analysis, financial statements analysis, sales projections, marketing analyses.
  • Merger, Acquisition, & Joint Ventures – Term sheets, letters of intent, asset pruchase & sales agreement, definitive agreement, joint ventures, due diligence, company valuation, post merger integration.
  • Sales & Marketing – Sales plan, marketing plan, distribution channel plan, new product lauch plan, trade show, sales presentation templates, sales proposal templates.
  • Strategic Planning – Strategic plan template, SWOT analysis, environmental scan, Strategic planning meeting facilitator templates.
  • Presentation & Report Writing Templates – PowerPoint presentation and Excel charts and graphs.